The Badman Mechanical

by Tuscany

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Recorded Summer and Winter 2014. Liverpool, UK.


released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Tuscany Liverpool, UK

I am a young man from Liverpool who makes music. Weapons of choice are keyboard, guitar, vocals, programmed drums. Learnin'

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Track Name: Alive A Bird
If only birds could still distract me
From entertaining the possibility
Their grand arcs beyond art's feat
Deep down dipping delving unreachable

A draught of vintage is what I need
From trying to think just to think just to find
Something else than the trace of you
Than the sin

The skies grow dark behind their wings
Maybe the night shall be my mumbling muse
A candle in the darkness as profound
As the black flitting across white clouds

I feel the sea swell when I breathe
From trying to think just to think just to find
Something more than the trace of you
Come here my dark side
Track Name: Oh Celia
A note to self: don't be so selfish
Don't let your mind wander too far
But my advice is still to pray
Just think of it as natural
As long as you don't let her trip
As you take her hand and lead her away

Despite distress distaste misplaced
This time this infinite behind
Despite this face dismay debased
This crime this little bit on the side
Oh Celia don't make me feel guilty

Fate feels so heavyhanded
Whipped by my hips and led away
Can't help but see you as it
Contradiction mystery a vivid grey

If it be not now tis yet to come
Really seems like you're the chosen one

Cos in my head it's already happened
You're timeless and formless like an idea
But I promise it's you that I'm after
It's you I worship, it's you I fear

If it be not now tis yet to come
Grant me delusion, I'll take your love
Track Name: The Badman Mechanical
Held down whole by a pin to the soul
A little death not worth it at all
To sleep in linen laced with my faults

For I am the language
And you are the words
And I am the sun
And you are the earth

Well, I'm a bit beside myself
Can't deny I'm not that well
Feel like I'm mechanical
Cogs and gears jammed in my head

For I am the line
And you are the point
And I am the angle
And you are the joint
Track Name: Autumn
It's so cold
Breath turns crystalline
So I take a walk outside
And I see five men there eating stones
While they sit on giant white bread rolls

Even still
I'm empty inside
Still desiring something more
And I feel like jumping in the sea
At home I'll be with all the sinners

Let me think for a moment...
Track Name: Footprints
[instrumental, with apologies to wayne shorter]
Track Name: L'Avventura
By the way, you should probably watch Michelangelo Antonioni's 'L'Avventura'.
Track Name: Plastic
Sorry about what came before
I'm just working something out
Never one to miss a trick
Or a chance to mess about
Oh it's so hard to be a liar
Looking the likes of you in the face
'You make me happy yes you do
You're impossible to replace'

You can't admit it, but you're a mannequin just like me
A double intender, a mask on a mask on a mask on a mask, no anxiety

Born from plastic in a mould
Too little sugar, too much spice
A soul so wayward it awakes
When you try to veto vice
A heart so candid it creates
New truths each day to pay the price

I'm like a dog tied to a stick leaping for balls I cannot reach
I'm like a fool who runs and runs in lakes of fire to scratch an itch
And I'm so plastic and you're so plastic
And I'm so fake and you're so fake
And I'm so plastic and you're so plastic
And I'm so fake and you're so fake
Track Name: Bedwarmth
Under my duvet
As the deluge rages on
Despite this, I'm hearing
The call of little birds along
The line of trees
Tapping my window
In a dawn chorus
But I don't think I'm awakening
It's like my thoughts are sinking
Into my chest as I feel the guilt
Think that I will hold on
Just hold on
Just for now

I think I still love you
I miss the bedwarmth you bring to me
This room is the winter
And our bodies are frozen harbours
I hope you set navies
Coursing down my ice-blue veins
I've tried everything
The birds and the spring do nothing
It's like the room is smiling
All blissful in its ignorance
Think that I will hold on
Just hold on
Just for now