Beyond Forces EP

by Tuscany

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4-track EP. January-July 2016.


released July 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Tuscany Liverpool, UK

I am a young man from Liverpool who makes music. Weapons of choice are keyboard, guitar, vocals, programmed drums. Learnin'

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Track Name: Deor
Eat your bread with quaking
Ravens of England
Thus spake the wolf
From his war pulpit

And wealth wears off
Til only ruins will stand
Know how short is our time

The widowed city weeps
Like you loveless
Thus cried the profit
Arms out to storms

And all things must pass
Til only ruins stand
Words forgotten again

Shed blood swallowed up
Til earth spits us back out
Poets singing into nothing
Track Name: Maldon
I can almost see from my window
Between my grate bars
The sea, the sea
She gave birth today
Ships and boys
All change, all change

The night stamps upon my window
Over my grate bars
The dark, the dark
Lit by fires tonight the streets, the houses
Decay, decay
Danger, danger

The hills reek of decay
Track Name: The Worm
And the roots will give in.
She is a dragon.
Plunder ––
She has a golden hide
She likes to go and hide.
Track Name: Don't Know How
What a world of loyalty to numbers
Even numbers die
Was there even a goal beyond amassing the clay
That crumbles with time
Here's an instant you tried so hard to capture
Look at your greedy eyes
Well who could blame you for expecting more
Than this cold life of surprise

Don't know how I have the guts to walk on
Don't know how I have the gall to break out
Don't know how I have the strength to go on

What a world of blind fool's aspirations
Kicking into the dust
And as the spite spikes up like a Tower of Babel
Will they even be fussed
They're using all their powers in aid of comfort
And precious little else
Nothing left but to seize the day
In this cold life of surprise

Don't know how you have the guts to wake up
Don't know how you have the gall to breathe in
Don't know how you have the strength to go on

What a life of hermit's isolation
Never venturing out
In every continent souls are trapped in bodies
Both within and without
That nightmare of the rug being pulled from under
We dream it every lonely night
If this disturbs you, expect nothing more
Than this cold life of surprise