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1. Choose from two covers depending on your mood.
2. This is a psychedelic progressive electronic funky dark bedtime story rock album to be listened to in the night time, or by the sea, or in Ireland after 1845, or in a plush fin de siécle living room furnished with middle-class accoutrements and trappings, or simply browsing the Internet head in hand wondering vaguely why everything has to be so comfortable nowadays.
3. The bulk of work on this album was done several years ago
4. Tracks 4 and 5 are available as separate downloads if you so wish
5. Influences include: Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti, Have A Nice Life, Betty Davis, Kate Bush, Can, Talking Heads, Cocteau Twins.
6. Pessimistic art can come from optimistic people

6 songs, 2 halves, 39 minutes.


released August 2, 2014

Thanks go out to the usual people.



all rights reserved


Tuscany Liverpool, UK

I am a young man from Liverpool who makes music. Weapons of choice are keyboard, guitar, vocals, programmed drums. Learnin'

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Track Name: Heimat Drone
[Lights in fog. Curtain slowly rises. The sea's swelling. Sun hovers black.]
Track Name: Port in a Storm
When I was younger I always thought that you could fake it
I'd fantasise about the lies I'd pull for me to make it
You have to realise, it wasn't the fame or the money ––
I love this place but the land is dust and the rivers bloody,
Shivers in the dark, and shrieks culled from a nightmare,
Every night I wake myself up and say "who's there?"

And though there's nothing before my eyes my ears they
Start to pound they start to bleed their ruby tears
O how I wish I could join you
Escape the silent screams of ghosts.

This family's dwindling –– last embers on the pyre,
A milky dusk fading into rust as a bad moon rises.
So –– let's build a castle from the soil of new green fields
And turn the tables just for one day, show them how it feels

But –– here it comes! It's worth the wait!
It's worth the listen! The ship at harbour's going to shine
Then it will glisten. It's like the light cascading from
The moon into your eyes.


I only hope I can feel less love for life on this old land.
I only wish the shrieking and screaming hadn't forced my hand ––
Banshees and bothies and burrows: all hate, with happiness heaved away.
Track Name: Eucharist
I heard a scream from a place I called nowhere
But when I looked the source was right by my side.
I have a pomander for my comfort,
So with my weaker hand I tried I tried
To heave him up and give him some water
But when I saw he was starving I almost died.

I left a flower by the side of the road.
A little flower by the side of the road
I left a flower by the side of the road
They ate the flower by the side of the road.

And now I'm back from my journey darling
I'm so glad to embrace you just once more ––
So draw the curtains so I can't see the sea dear ––
I feel a salty draught so shut the goddamn door ––
The ghosts are shaking at the brickwork
All emptyeyed awailing and forlorn ––

Let them sleep by the side of the road
Let them weep by the side of the road
Just once more by the side of the road
Left alone by the side of the road

[sigh more]
[prepare table]

When I heard the news I opened the wine
(I haven't had news like that for some time).
In times like these you can't beat some wine,
Curling up on the sofa, watching Grand Designs.
Do you remember how young we once felt?
A courtship of shagging, cards hastily dealt.
So –– let's feel nostagic about halfmemories
And spring thawing freeze
And how recklessly young hearts can melt.

So –– dear, put your feet up and have some more wine.
When your day's been long you need some more wine.
If your knee's acting up then have some more wine.
If you suffer from boredom then have some more wine.
Does you dog shit on carpets? Then have some more wine.
Have you turned up the heating? Then have some more wine.
Do you wish you were thinner? Then have some more wine.
Is there no time for reading? Then have some more wine.
Do you not like the taxman? Then have some more wine.
Has the spark gone in bed? Well, just some more wine.
Does the news make you sad? Why not have some more wine?
Would your younger self hate you? Then have some more wine.
Do you ignore the homeless? Just have some more wine.
Do you feel like a hypocrite? Have some more wine.
When was the last time you felt good?
Made castles from sand just cos you could?
Felt wind in your hair shining brighter than light
Holding onto those pieces that slipped from your grip
Now you're Old?

[End of Act One. Curtains fall on darkness. The moon dies slowly.]
Track Name: Internet
[Curtain rises: neon lights –– bright]

Everything of value
I learned about on the Internet
With every voice in my ear and every eye over me
Absorbing it all
To start a revolution from the comfort of my home
To make strangers cry
I can see
Can't you feel it?
Don't you see?

You can write a comment
On a story of a lynching on the Internet
But behind every word every goddamn pixel
There's you, knowing you can sleep safe at night
Now you know
Track Name: Leering Empty
Leering empty glazed eyes
Blearily gazing out to sea
Voyage of compromise
Destination uncertainty
Inhuman –– forgetting to breathe

What have they made of me?
Hemmed in by my fate
Pushed to the periphery
A great big zero incarnate
I could hover over any sea

But I guess I'm thankful
My life could be a whole lot worse
And I guess I'm not empty
I have your memory to nurse
Setting sail on golden seas

Though packed tight in this coffin
There's plenty of space in here for love
Though everything's waves and ether
You're like a solid rock to me
Hallelujah! Glory be!

[Lights descend on sea, which vaporises. A new Heimat now looms large.]
Track Name: Amerika
I've waited for ages
On life's gilded shore
for my home my country
My life my front door
Now I've arrived at the answer
I'm really not sure
Is this my new homeland?
Is this what I'm looking for?

Feels like coming home
To just be with you

Tell me if it's excessive
To say it over and over and over and over and over again
But I've waited for ages
Kind of sad the waiting ends

(I'll spend the rest of my days
Out on the beach looking out
Hope you'll be rising from the sea
And cast off all my doubt
Your smile stayed with me through the maze
I dreamt your hair so gold and red
I'll watch it glimmer in the sunset
Shining boldly for the Dead.)

O let me build churches
To the God of feeling free
If your arms were a prison
If your kisses custody

Feels like wandering home
A home without you.

[The End.]